Dan McCrimmon's Highland Harps of Colorado

A small harp with a big sound!

Highland Harps of Colorado                    "a small harp with a big sound"

Reflecting it's Rocky Mountain heritage, the 26 string Highland harp has a beautiful, big tone. Resonant and responsive, it is perfect  for performance, therapeutic music or casual enjoyment. When it was introduced at Someset Harp Festival in 2007, it  stood out from the crowd at the blind harp "tasting".  Everyone was anxious to know about the beautiful sounding small harp with a tone much bigger than its size!

Weighing just twelve and a half pounds, and measuring 41 inches by  19 inches by  11 inches without the base,  it is compact and portable. It comes with a support stand and, with it's eight side staved back,  is very comfortable to play.

The Highland harp was developed by master builder, Dan McCrimmon.  There are now two models available. The standard model has 26 strings ranging from C below middle-C to G.  It comes with Loveland sharping levers on the Fs, Cs, and Gs and is available in maple with a laminated birch soundboard. The deluxe model has 26 strings, levers on the Cs, Fs, Gs, and  and Bs allowing a versatile combination of up to 3 sharps and one flat per octave.  It has protective purfling* and comes in your choice of maple, mahogany, padauk or American cherry.  Additional, individually selected sharping levers or a full set may be installed on either model.. A stable stand that raises the harp to playing height and a custom, velour lined,  soft shell case are included with both.

*Purfling is a narrow binding inlaid into the edges of the top and often bottom plates of stringed instruments. Purfling serves to reinforce the plates and prevent cracking along their edges.


Newly available in Standard and Deluxe models

$1500.00 or $1700.00



Capture the spirit of the Rockies .... 



Dan McCrimmon

Highland Harps

719 Gallup Road

Fort Collins, CO 80521

(970) 493 4460



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Somerset Folk Harp Festival 2011



 Highland Harps

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Dan McCrimmon

Highland Harps 

719 Gallop Road, Fort Collins, CO 80521


*Background music recorded on a Highland Harp*